Key Features:

Power Rating 3W
Bluetooth Version Bluetooth V4.2
Frequency Response 20HZ-20KHZ
THD <1%
S/N >80DB
Speaker Parameter 4Q 3W diameter 33mm
Battery 3.7V/ 400mAh
Charging Time: 1-1.5 hours
Playing Time: 4-5 hours
Product Size 60x45mm
Product Weight 47.5g

1. Speaker        2.LED indicator
3. Hole for MIC    4.ON/OFF button
5. Hole for cord    6.Micro USB socket

Charging the battery:
1. Insert the charging cable into the Micro USB input port
connect the USB plug into 5V USB power terminal.
The charging LED indicator will tum on.
2.After charging completed, the LED indicator will turn of.
Note: When music sound becomes smaller and you hear the warning tone, please charge this speaker in time.

Bluetooth pairing for music/ phone call/camera remote shutter
1 a.Turn on the speaker by pressing"()" button for 3 seconds.
The speaker will have a voice prompt and blue indicator will flash.
b. Stereo mode (only for two speakers):
Power on two 8-11-Apple. Double press"()" on one 8-11-Apple. Connected prompts are heard once the speakers are paired successfully, then main speaker will blink and vice speaker will light on. After the first pairing, the 8-11-Apple will connect automatically when you turn them both on.
2. Turn on your device and activate the Bluetooth function.
3. Search for Bluetooth pairing name "8-11-Apple" and click to pair, the speaker will pair automatically and the speaker will have a voice prompt.
Then, you can play music or just need to press"()"button to answer the call when the call is coming.
4 .Long press "()"button to turn off the speaker.
Note: Turn of main speaker, two speakers will turn off together, turn off vice speaker, main speaker still can work.